Tommy Painter Tattoo Artist

Bumper Sticker

Tommy influenced and mentored many young artists and tattoo craftsmen over the years. He worked with some of the industry’s greatest legends. He has an impressive collection of tattoo memorabilia and machines that he frequently rebuilt and fine-tuned for fun. He developed his own techniques for making his own tattoo inks that are bright, consistent and keep the customers coming back. His inks have helped Body Art Tattoo Studio win hundreds of awards from some of the most renowned and competitive tattoo conventions and expos around the world! He has appeared in several national and international publications with the Art Intensity Network Tattoo Video Magazine filming a full shop tour in volume 6. Tom was frequently seen on the road at tattoo conventions all over the country and often sat in as a special guest judge because of his experience and knowledge (and fun personality) in the tattoo industry.

Tommy loved living, loving, laughing, riding his motorcycle across country with friends, and caring for his family. He will forever be remembered fondly and with deep love and affection.

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