Tommy Painter Tattoo Artist

Tommy Painter passed away on September 13, 2011. He was a world renowned professional tattoo artist having started his career in 1976. He was a Clarke County native who impacted the lives of many individuals worldwide. He was a charter member of The Alliance of Professional Tattooists and a lifetime member of The National Tattoo Association. Tommy collected thorough knowledge and practice of the medical and technical aspects of tattooing and is recognized as one of the industry’s greatest advocates on tattoo safety and education. In 2000, he worked with colleagues to help design and initiate the State of Virginia’s regulations on tattooing and body piercing under the Department of Professional & Occupational Regulations Department.

Anyone who knew Tommy knew that he was a man of fellowship and integrity. He lived by traditional roots and expanded his ability to remain on the cutting edge of today’s tattoo style, trends and techniques. His portfolio ranges from traditional tattoo flash, to modern bold line work, to his gift of customizing cover ups or fixing tattoos that were not done correctly or tattoos that were done back in the day with ink that faded. His wife Sharon was the first person Tommy tattooed in 1976 and Brooke Holland was the very lucky last person he tattooed in September 2011. For those who got tattooed by Tommy, be sure to contact us at the studio to get your “Tattooed by Tommy Painter” bumper sticker. Bumper Sticker

Tommy influenced and mentored many young artists and tattoo craftsmen over the years. He worked with some of the industry’s greatest legends. He has an impressive collection of tattoo memorabilia and machines that he frequently rebuilt and fine-tuned for fun. He developed his own techniques for making his own tattoo inks that are bright, consistent and keep the customers coming back. His inks have helped Body Art Tattoo Studio win hundreds of awards from some of the most renowned and competitive tattoo conventions and expos around the world! He has appeared in several national and international publications with the Art Intensity Network Tattoo Video Magazine filming a full shop tour in volume 6. Tom was frequently seen on the road at tattoo conventions all over the country and often sat in as a special guest judge because of his experience and knowledge (and fun personality) in the tattoo industry.

Tommy loved living, loving, laughing, riding his motorcycle riding across country with friends, and caring for his family. He will forever be remembered fondly and with deep love and affection.

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